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Vintage Mobility: perfect symbiosis between design and technology.

Swiss engineering combined with the approval by TÜV as a medical product guarantee an extraordinary product with a revolutionary design.

The Gatsby reminiscent of the legendary Ford T model, which was still manufactured in 1926, the founding date of our company! With the Gatsby, Vintage Mobility has launched the first of a whole family of vintage mobility scooters. In 2019, we will launch the next sensation. We can't say more at this point in time, except that we truly believe that you will be quite impressed!

Vintage Mobility is a brand of the Swiss company Rehabilitations-Systeme AG. Our products are designed and developed in Switzerland and are manufactured in China under Swiss production management. Our quality management system complies with the highest possible standards and guarantees TÜV approval as a medical product and fulfills all self-contained national standards and requirements. What a ride!

Test drive the Gatsby at your home for free. Call the free telephone number 0800 800 123 or send us a message using the contact form.